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Our Services
Our Services include:
1. Commercial Law 5. Family Law 9. Personal Injury Claims
2. Contracts 6. Labour Law 10. Wills and Estates
3. Conveyancing/Property 7. Litigation  
4. Debt Collection 8. Notarial Services  
1. Commercial Law
We provide a comprehensive range of commercial services, including:
  1. Commercial contracting and documentation 
  2. Formation of family and business trusts 
  3. Credit agreements 
  4. Registration and formation of companies
2. Contracts
We understand that each client’s needs are different and that understanding the requirements and business of each client forms an integral part in developing watertight agreements. We assist clients in the drafting and negotiation of agreements to fit their specific needs and requirements, hence providing them with tailor made agreements to suit their specific needs.
3. Conveyancing/Property
We are placed on the panels of the four major banks and provide a variety of property services to some of South Africa’s largest corporates, but also to individuals, which include:
  1. Deeds registry practice
  2. Deeds of sale (residential and commercial) and other property agreements
  3. Property transfers and registrations
  4. Property finance, registration and cancellation of mortgage bonds and other securities
  5. Drafting and registration of servitudes, certificates of registered title, certificates of consolidated titles, general plans etc.
  6. Registration of townships and sectional title schemes
  7. Deeds office searches
  8. Sectional Title and Share block schemes
  9. Property subdivisions and consolidations
  10. Legislative and regulatory advice
  11. Property joint ventures
  12. Construction agreements
  13. Land rights
  14. Rezoning
  15. Lease agreements
  16. Developments
4. Debt Collection
Debt collection has become a highly specialised field with requirements in respect of credit and consumer laws further necessitating expert advice to clients regarding the structuring of debtor documentation as well as impacting on the process of collecting arrear debt.

We provide a comprehensive debt collection service to clients.
5. Family Law
Our attorneys provide advice on all aspects of family law. Services include:
  1. Antenuptial contracts
  2. Cohabitation agreements
  3. Domestic violence
  4. Divorce and mediation
  5. Matrimonial rights
  6. Maintenance
  7. Matters relating to the rights of children, parental responsibilities and rights, which include access and custody arrangements
6. Labour Law
The field of labour law is highly dynamic and changing continually. We provide a comprehensive range of labour services, which include:
  1. Drafting employment contracts, codes of conduct and related documentation
  2. Investigating disciplinary charges against employees
  3. Instituting disciplinary hearings and acting as the prosecutor on behalf of the employer
  4. Chairing disciplinary hearings
  5. Representing employees at disciplinary hearings
  6. Representing employers and employees in the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and the Labour Court
7. Litigation
With the high cost of litigation, an important aspect of the services we render is to evaluate whether litigation can be avoided by solving or advising in respect of litigious issues early and pre-emptively. However where litigation cannot be avoided, our attorneys pursue litigation across all areas of the law tenaciously and efficiently for resolution of the dispute, and where required involve specialists from other service areas to assist with litigation. We are geared to provide extensive general and specialist litigation services to clients in the Magistrate’s Courts, Regional Courts and the High Courts.
8. Notarial Services
Our Notaries provide the following services:
  1. Apostilles
  2. Drafting antenuptial contracts and notarial deeds
  3. Registration of antenuptial contracts and notarial deeds in the Eastern Cape Deeds Registry
9. Personal Injury Claims
The field of personal injury law is highly specialised. We provide a broad spectrum of services in this area of the law, which include:
  1. Medical malpractice claims against both private and government institutions
  2. Third party claims against the Road Accident Fund
  3. Personal injury claims
From obtaining medico-legal reports from experts on your behalf to litigation we can take on and handle your case 
10. Wills and Estates
In order to secure the future financial wellbeing of your family and dependants it is vitally important to engage in proper estate planning. We provide a comprehensive range of services in this field, which include:
  1. Drafting of wills and living wills
  2. Formation of trusts
  3. Administration of deceased estates
We work with top quality experts in the field and can provide a full range of estate planning and fiduciary services.
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